Meet The PAC

Meet the PAC (Parent Advisory Council)

**Please Note:  All PAC events are Parent Organized/Led & NonROA.  Field Trips, Meetups & Family Events are planned throughout the year.  Specific details for events to be announced via the ROA Yahoo Group.  All ROA families are welcome to attend WLV and/or OX events.  Contact a PAC member, listed below, for additional information or to join the ROA Yahoo Group**

ROA Yahoo Group: Ask your Teacher to join or email Pamela at to receive an invitation. Invited users need to accept the invitation, sign-in with their Yahoo ID to become members.

pamelakellerPamela Keller

Hello, I’m Pamela Keller and I live in Santa Rosa Valley with my husband, Robert, and our two sons. I’ve had the pleasure of working in Accounting and Human Resources, but I appreciate that I am able to be a stay-at-home mom presently. I am grateful for the time with our boys. I enjoy reading, yoga, hiking, photography and scrap booking. ROA has given us an excellent opportunity to homeschool with support from a community that has a passion for students to learn in a way that works best for them. Brian and Justin attended “regular” school in the past, but we are glad to be a part of the ROA community. As a member of PAC, I will always give my best effort in supporting families that have any suggestions or questions. Participating in PAC is a rewarding experience, and I enjoy meeting families that share their journey on a similar path. I look forward to contributing to a welcoming community environment and helping wherever I can!

saramcguireSara McGuire

Hello homeschoolers! I live in Camarillo with my two sons, Averian and Lucas, and my husband, Ian, who is a high school math teacher of 12 years. I was born in Los Angeles in 1979 and moved to Camarillo when I was 2. I have my elementary teaching Clear credential from California State University, Chico, and have enjoyed teaching my sons for the past 7 years. We began our homeschool journey at Ventura Charter Homeschool where we first met Miss Claudia and Teacher Leina. I enjoy learning at our own pace, exploring our interests, and working with the incredible teachers and families at River Oaks. We can be found, as a family, hiking, playing board games, watching The CW’s DC Comic TV shows and/or Marvel superhero movies, bike riding ,swimming, camping, being with friends, and enjoying a myriad of activities with my family who all live here in Ventura County. If I ever find myself alone, I enjoy practicing the art of mehndi (or henna), gardening, walking, doing anything that has to do with glitter, reading novels and comics, and decoupaging most plain items in my house. As a PAC member, I enjoy helping new families just beginning their journey and offer my experience to all homeschooling families. I am the Lone Ranger of the PAC team of Oxnard- come join me!

chandralabergeChandra Fortier

Hi, my name is Chandra Fortier. I am married to my wonderful husband, Johnny and we have 2 kids enrolled in River Oaks. Our oldest, Jameson, is in 2nd grade now and Johanna is in Kindergarten. Both have been a part of ROA for the past 2 years and are now in their 3rd year. We all thoroughly enjoy the program and look forward to meeting as many other families as we can and making long term friendships and connections. A little background about me is that I was born and raised in Malibu where we reside still. I have been a licensed Realtor since the beginning of 2004 which allows me not only a fulfilling career but also the flexibility to be available for my kids as much as needed. I enjoy being on the PAC and look forward to many years ahead at ROA. Please always feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions I may be able to help with regarding the PAC, school events, etc.!


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