Meet The PAC

Meet the PAC (Parent Advisory Council)


President: Teresa Le

Hello! My name is Teresa Le and I am stepping into the role of your Parent Advisory Council (PAC) President with one enjoy the journey! My collaboration with parents and ROA staff is intended to promote open communication and positive outcomes. Our family came to ROA 2 ½ years ago from a traditional school setting where we were not thriving.

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We lacked the confidence that our son Ty was going to move through his education with a love for learning and a passion for life. We took the leap of faith, stepped into the unknown, and we have never looked back. You will often find me outside more than inside, knitting a scarf, planning my next vacation or at the beach. Homeschooling allows me to have the flexibility to take care of myself and I appreciate that time for me. I have those days. The days you question your ability to teach your child, to survive another math problem... but you know what? Those are our difficult days and our accomplishments and I wouldn’t have it any other way! So, come to one of our PAC meetings, reach out to chat, volunteer to help out, or just say hi! It’s all good!

Vice President: Angie Watson

I am excited to step into the role of PAC Vice President! I have passion a for bringing people together and creating opportunities for connecting and learning with others. I know many of us are yearning for community now more than ever and this year offers us a chance to forge new ways of creating that; experiencing again how sweet it is to be together!

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I am a mother to two sweet boys: Ellis, a first grader and Emerson, a preschooler. We started our formal homeschool journey with our oldest child last year and hope to be in it for the long haul. Our family is newly transplanted to sunny California from the Pacific Northwest. We feel very blessed to enjoy being outside every day of the year and the flexibility and joy that homeschooling allows. (I should say joy and unpredictability!) You will find us outside riding bikes, hiking, at the beach, in the sun somewhere most days! I also teach Yoga and Pilates, am a total bookworm and lover of the arts, especially performing arts!
I am looking forward to this year and being a part of planning events and all the fun stuff at ROA!

Treasurer: Mrs. Alpert

I’m happy to be part of the PAC! My family has been with ROA for 11 years. We are thankful to be with this amazing homeschool charter!

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We started ROA when my only daughter started kindergarten. My family is positive, friendly, and thinks outside the box. Our family nickname is the Smiley’s….LOL! We love to make friends, have fun, and travel the world. I love musical plays, concerts, and museums. We would like to give our sincere thanks to ROA for helping my daughter create a “Stand Up Forum”!
She felt the need to create this forum since she had seen friends being bullied around the world in different ways. We need more peace, unity, and support for one another.
Homeschooling has been a wonderful journey and we look forward to the next few years!
I cannot wait to contribute new ideas to the team and have an adventurous time with all of you!

Secretary: Jennifer Noorzai

Hello, my name is Jennifer Noorzai. I am happily married for 23 years and a mother of 4 amazing kiddo’s ranging from high school to elementary school. I have always been interested in nutrition and health & wellness. I’m a certified holistic health and nutrition coach from Nutraphoria School of Holistic Nutrition.

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After I had my children, I realized how nutrition plays an important role in helping my kids grow and learn. It is definitely one of my passions. My other passion is teaching.... and that’s why we started homeschooling 6 years ago at ROA. It is so fun to learn new things and to be able to teach my kids. I enjoy making something out of nothing, to create a homeschool environment with color and excitement. To hear my kids say they love homeschooling and want to homeschool their own kids one day is a big deal to me. It means they have enjoyed their homeschool experiences and look forward to continuing it in the future. I love that!!! I also enjoy gardening, raising our bulldogs and being in the kitchen.

Fun Facts....
• I enjoy contributing to others. I love to support people on their homeschooling journey by being a light in this crazy world.
• I sit on the board of Achieve Goals, Inc. a non-profit 501c that focuses on entrepreneurship, the arts and education.
• I also create YOUTUBE videos and have my own channels, “Jen at Home” and “ItsChewy’sChannel.”

Questions? Email Teresa:

**Please Note:  All PAC events are Parent Organized/Led & NonROA.  Field Trips, Meetups & Family Events are planned throughout the year.  Specific details for events will be communicated through Parent Square.  All ROA families are welcome to attend Westlake Village and/or Oxnard events.**


P A C   N E W S L E T T E R

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