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Bonnie Vandenburg

"The Journey of Positive Parenting Continues… Keep the Connection Alive"

January 26, 2021

MEETING ID: 231 292 8913 PASSCODE: riveroaks

Bonnie will present Positive Discipline & Brain-research information which will offer support, as well as opportunities in finding new ways to approach your unique challenges as a parent. Bonnie will offer help while virtual learning and human development are colliding in 2021. Gain tools as you strive to stay connected with your children through the trials and tribulations of their growing up. Bonnie will mix serious with humor and allot time for Q&A, all in the name of supporting each of you.
Bonnie Vandenberg is an educator with her specialty in parent/child communication, as well as the owner of “Ask Ms. Bonnie” virtual Parenting and Positive Discipline support website
She is a trained workshop facilitator as well as experienced consultant in the area of positive parenting resources. Bonnie has spent the past 3 decades helping educate children, parents, school directors and teachers, with useful nonviolent communication techniques. Bonnie holds her higher education degrees from UCLA and she is uniquely certified to help parents/educators learn empowerment in discipline tools and further connection with children. Besides her passion for working with families, Bonnie enjoys family time with her husband of 38 years and her two adult sons and their families. She hopes that positive discipline communication tools in your life will bring peace and harmony to your family as it has to hers and to many others.

Shoshana Wheeler

"Restorative Dialogues and Circles"

February 24, 2021

MEETING ID: 231 292 8913 PASSCODE: riveroaks

When dealing with family conflicts we might often hear or see yelling, screaming, pushing, hitting, jand other less than desirable behaviors. Restorative dialogues (one on one) and circles (more than 2) offer another way to work through conflict where people are listened to and heard, amends made where needed, and strategies are mutually chosen to help move everyone forward. These dialogues and circles are being used in schools across the country with astonishing results. Come learn these tools to help build more harmony and peace in your own home.
Before becoming a school counselor, Shoshana Wheeler was a classroom teacher for 15 years teaching kindergarten, first, second and third grade. In 2004 she received her Master of Science degree in Counseling and Guidance from California Lutheran University and worked as a school counselor at Mariposa Elementary, Lupin Hill Elementary ( LVUSD) and is currently counseling at Ventura Charter School in Ventura. Along with being a credentialed counselor, Shoshana is a certified parent educator, a certified facilitator for restorative dialogues and circles, a facilitator of Council (community circles) and a teacher of Compassionate Communication. When Shoshana is not busy working with students, families or teachers, you might find her hiking the local trails, riding her bike, or reading a good book.

Leah Dickenson

"Staying Connected While Fostering Independence"

March 22, 2021

MEETING ID: 231 292 8913 PASSCODE: riveroaks

Join us for this parenting discussion centered on building and maintaining emotional closeness with your children and teens while also using developmentally appropriate strategies to encourage their independence.
Dr. Leah Dickenson is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who specializes in parenting, relationships, and child & adolescent psychology. In addition to serving as the School Counselor at River Oaks Academy, Dr. Leah also treats adults, children, and families in her local private practice. Dr. Leah received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from UCLA and, prior to joining the River Oaks team, provided intervention, assessment, and clinical supervision services with organizations such as Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, The UCLA Psychology Clinic, Casa Pacifica Centers for Children and Families, Ventura County Behavioral Health, and other local K-12 schools. Dr. Leah has also conducted and published original research on the intersection between family relationships, stress, and physical and emotional health. As the mother of two young boys — ages 3 and 8 — and a Conejo Valley native, Dr. Leah is passionate about serving the community through her work with local youth and families.

Julie Tunick

"Parenting During the Pandemic. Tips and Tools on How to Bounce Back and Regain Hope."

April 21, 2021

MEETING ID: 231 292 8913 PASSCODE: riveroaks

Julie will be discussing children's fears and anxieties, how to keep healthy routines and lowering expectations. In addition, she will also address common teen issues and how to parent using positive discipline and an incentive based model for compliance and success!
Tips and Tools for resiliency and how to bounce back along with learning to be okay without predictability will also be highlighted throughout my presentation.There will be time at the end for questions and answers. I am looking forward to seeing you all. Thank you for this opportunity.
A 40+ year Conejo Valley resident, Julie Tunick, LMFT always knew she wanted to work with children and teens. She started college as a child development major, thinking she would teach. But, a class in family relationships changed her course. A child of divorce herself, she began her own therapy journey and completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development and then a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology and Counseling. Thereafter, she received her early clinical training from Alan Ludington and has worked in private practice with the Ludington Institute for Family Enrichment. Julie now has a private practice and has been practicing for 20 years.
Seeking to broaden her knowledge base, early on in her career, Julie became the program manager and administrator for Community Mental Health Services, managing intensive counseling programs for young adults, children and teens with chronic mental illness.
Julie’s work specializes in children, pre-teens, adolescents and young adults, struggling with school, friends, family relationships, depression, and anxiety. As a divorced single parent, Julie understands the struggles facing single parents and knows how to tailor parenting technique to a full spectrum of circumstances.
Julie is a very active mother of two thriving sons (20 & 15). They enjoy spending time together, playing baseball, going to the beach, and enjoying the outdoors.